A Basic Ain

Since its founding, Oozora Kodomoen’s goal has been to help children
develop into individuals who are well-balanced — physically and mentally.
To “heal, encourage and aid” is what we dedicate ourselves to.
Seeing smiles all around and how everyone is considerate of others fosters a more international vision.
Oozora Kodomoen is a place that’s “cheerful, sympathetic and peaceful”.
A place that makes smiles appear.
We base our childcare on the concept of “one big, happy family”.

Director of Oozora Kodomoen

【Our aim of nurse】

“Helping to bring happiness to children”
Striving to build healthy minds and healthy.
Instilling a sense of consideration for others.
Achieving good communication and learning good manners.
“Yes”“Thank you”“I’ m sorry”“Excuse me please”
are how we are considerate to all.

Loving all and relying on each other in a spirit of community.
Helping children achieve their full potential with all the support required.
Helping to develop better coordination, motor skills and creative processes.
Covering areas where more care is needed or possibly lacking at home
and supporting parents and families wherever possible.


Newly established the Aozora Nursery at 11-1, Nishiki 2-chome, Kaizuka City, Osaka.